[GX] Next Level Of Gaming

One bad move nullifies forty good ones!


GX is a clan with a great past and a bright future, our focus is Being the best we can be by playing High level Strongholds and Clanwars. But the main goal remains is to give our players the best possible environment where they can expect daily credit, XP, Free XP boosts, with active Strongholds, Fun time, and ofc High focus on being good.

The statistical part of our requirements is as follows:
▶ Overall + Recent WN8 : 5000+
▶ Recent damage should be over 3000+ (Damage on T10 Tanks ofc over 3000+)
▶ Tier X meta tanks: 907, Chieftain, 260, WZ5A...
Capable ENGLISH skills, meaning you can understand calls and give information.

These requirements are what will give you a pass to join, what is gonna make you stay is your ability to play, communicate and your activity.

Recruitment: Any off our recruiters or officers.


TS3: gxwotclan.eu

Štatistiky klanu

Počet členov: 1

Ø Bitiek30293
Ø WN81886,86
Ø Výhier54,84%

Členovia klanu

#Meno hráča30D WN830D BattlesWN8Ø VýhierBitiekPosledná bitkaPozíciaVstúpil

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#Meno hráča7D Battles30D Battles

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Meno hráčaZmenaDátum
luckyhappyOpustil klan
CAU_JSEM_CAHYOpustil klan
UrWaifusFuelMyWn8Opustil klan
Goldnoob__PLOpustil klan
Forfun_Is_Rly_ToXicOpustil klan
Venomous_TrollschnitzelOpustil klan
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JW_Blue_LabelOpustil klan
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quido01Opustil klan
Venomous_Trollschnitzel Vstúpil
FluffyLionZz Vstúpil
Forfun_Is_Rly_ToXic Vstúpil
quido01 Vstúpil
MajorOverPowerd Vstúpil
luckyhappy Vstúpil
Goldnoob__PL Vstúpil
sniper412 Vstúpil
Moss994 Vstúpil
JW_Blue_Label Vstúpil
UrWaifusFuelMyWn8 Vstúpil
pikotoROOpustil klan
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