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[F-KIT] Just Do It

I don't get it.


The Clan [F-KIT] Just Do It is a newly created clan that has focus on brilliant teamplayers and Stronghold.
Even though we're a new clan, we start out with Stronghold Level X to avoid the boring time of grinding all the way up.
If you are interested in playing Stronghold on a high level of teamplay, keep reading to see the requirements.

What we offer you:
Stronghold bonuses of the level X
Active Stronghold battles
Commanding experiences on good clans
High teamplay level
Bright future of an upcoming clan

We require at least:
High activity (3 days at week)
Great teamplay skills
Decent amount of useful tanks T8 and T10
Enough English skills
1500+ WN8

TS3 Address:

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