Klan bol rozpustený.

[CANT] Can't see the haters

Haters gonna hate, tomatoes gonna tomato


CANT is an international clan created for uniting quality team players
to play in CW, SH and platoons.

- 2.600+ Wn8 Overall
- 3.000+ Wn8 Recent
- WR 58%+
-15k+ games
- 5 Tier X CW Tanks (3k+ avg damage)
- be active in SH and CW
- ignoring the HATERS
- good personality

TeamSpeak: cantseethehaters.4npserver.com

For diplomatic issues please contact: Ich_Mag_Zuege, SkiTtl3z_Th3C4ndy_Man
For recruitment please contact: Panzerknacker1702, BOT_YOU, T_A_K_A_S_H_I

Štatistiky klanu

Počet členov: 0

Ø Bitiek0
Ø WN80,00
Ø Výhier0,00%

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#Meno hráča7D Battles30D Battles

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